Wellington Country Park | Risk Assesment 2016

Wellington Country Park - Risk Assesment 2016

Hazard Associated Risk People at Risk Likelihood (1-5) Existing Controls Responsibility
Vehicles Collision, serious injury, death Whole group 1 Speed limit controls Park staff and responsible adult
Climbing on railings, fencing, seating, trees Risk of injury from falling Whole group 2 Safety notices where relevant supervision of children Park staff and responsible adult
Ponds and Water Play Risk of drowning Whole group 1-2 Physical barrier, not in all areas, supervision of children, life belts Responsible adult
Uneven surfaces,wet leaves, mud, tree roots Trips, falls, slipping, cuts, bruises, grazes, sprains Whole group 2 Encouraged not to run Responsible staff
Children’s play area Risk of falling,equipment failure Children 1-2 Supervision notices and regular maintenance checks, age restrictions Park staff and responsible adult
Lost children Children becomng separated from the group and lost in the Park Children 1-2 Staff trained in procedures in dealing with lost children Responsible adult
Location Collision with obstacles, equipment in the classroom Children 1 Keeping the room clear and tidy, supervision of children Responsible adult
Biological Infection from animals, allergies,reaction, bites and stings to include ticks, wasps, brambles and nettles Whole group 2-3 Well supervised, with clear instructions given with regard the associated risk Park staff and responsible adult

Please note a more detailed risk assesment for the jumping pillow can be provided on request.

Basic first aid is available in the Main Reception

We are sorry to say that on THURSDAY 23rd OCTOBER THE PARK WILL BE CLOSED.

This is due to essential maintenance from Scottish and Southern Electric which is out of our control.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The Park will reopen at 9:30am on Friday 24th October.

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